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Army personnel can fill in the DA 31 form online using PaperJet, making the process as easy as logging in, completing the form, and then printing, emailing, faxing or saving it. Our PDF converting software is user friendly and it reduces mistakes and setbacks, allowing you to submit forms on time.

What is a DA 31 Form?

The DA 31 form is a Request and Authority for Leave form, and it is used by the Department of the Army. Whenever a member of the armed forces wishes to apply for leave, this is the form they will need to complete and submit. The reasons for taking personal leave can vary, and they include vacations, travelling, emergency leave for family purposes, or emergency leave for other situations.

To fill in this form, there is quite a bit of personal information that is required. U.S army rank, name, address, social security number and the location in which you are currently stationed all needs to be included. Unlike the leave taken when working for a company, U.S Army leave needs to include information about who you are travelling with and detailed information about the leave. You’ll also need to include the number of days that you will be away from your post.

The information that is provided on this form will determine whether or not the leave is approved or denied. The best way to get your leave approved is to provide as much information about your time off as possible and to complete the form as thoroughly as possible. Any information left out could result in the leave being turned down.

Some of the reasons why this form is used include not only the authorising of leave but also for the recording of the start and stop of the leave, while this form will also provide the much needed contact details of the soldier should there be an emergency. The form will also be used to certify the soldiers leave days.

Some of the details which will need to be filled in include:
  • Details of the soldier including name and address
  • Type of leave requested.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • The rank of the soldier
  • The number of leave days available and used.
  • Duty station

How to Complete the DA 31 Form

The Request and Authority for Leave form is a single page with 30 sections needing information. As mentioned, the more accurate information you are able to provide, the better the chances of having your leave approved without delays. Apart from having to fill in all of the basic information, you’ll also have to know your exact departure and return dates, as well as provide emergency contact information should the army need to get in touch with you.

The form is quite simple and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, especially if you are doing so online using PaperJet.

The DA 31 form is one that every soldier will use during their career with the U.S armed forces and it is important to know how to properly complete the form. By using PaperJet, you can quickly and neatly enter the required details and should you make a mistake, it can be easily corrected.

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