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SF 15
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The SF 15 form is really easy to fill in when you are using PaperJet as your online form filling tool. Our software is designed to walk you through the process of completing the form and you will be able to email, print, fax or save your form once you’ve added all of the necessary information.

What is an SF 15 Form?

This form is used mostly by the Office of Personnel Management as well as federal agencies to decide if the applicant meets all of the requirements to become eligible for a 10 point veteran preference. The only people who are allowed to use and submit this form are veterans and relatives of veterans, and the form is to be submitted during their job application process. Should you be a disabled veteran, it is best to include this information, as you can enjoy access to more benefits.

This form has been around since 1944 and it is used to give veterans certain preferences, especially in the job market. By using this form, the veteran will be able to indicate what kinds of employment they are looking for. There are also benefits for the spouse or widow/widower of the veteran.

In order to become eligible, the veteran will need to meet a few criteria. For starters they will need to be retired from the military or they will need to have been either honorably or generally discharged from the armed forces.

Some of the details which will need to be filled in include:
  • Name, address and the name of the veteran (if the veteran themselves are not applying)
  • The period in which the veteran served.
  • Whether the veteran is currently working.
  • Occupation before military service
  • Why the veteran left the army
  • Dates of employment
  • How to Complete the SF 15 Form

    The SF 15 form consists of only two pages, one of which is mostly instructions about how to complete the form and information about the other documents which need to be attached. For the most part, the form requires basic information about the veteran as well as their army careers, but there is also a section in which the 10-point veteran’s preference can be claimed. Here the type of claim, as well as proof for the claim, will need to be indicated.

    When filling in the form it is very important to have the right documentation close at hand and to complete the form correctly. Any issues can delay the processing of the form and as such delay the claim eligibility and benefits.

    When using PaperJet, veterans and their families can easily complete this form, using the step by step guidelines. Our software is straightforward and user-friendly, and any mistakes can be quickly rectified.

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