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Employers can quickly and easily fill in the W3 form online using PaperJet to edit the document. Forms can be neatly filled in and emailed or faxed from the site, or saved for later use.

What is a W3 Form?

The official name given to the W3 form is Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements. The W3 form is sent out to Social Security Administrations to show total earnings, Social Security Wages, Medicare wages and any withholding for all employees. This form covers one tax year. Along with employee information, information about the company for whom they are working will also need to be filled in.

The administrator in charge of filling in the form will have to add up the wages of all the company’s employees in each of the categories by using the totals on the employee’s W-2 forms. The W3 form is then filed along with the W-2 form.

A copy is also given to each employee so that they can submit it as a part of their personal tax returns when the time comes.

When should the W3 form be filled in?

This form needs to be completed correctly and submitted before the end of January of the next tax year. So when the W-2 forms for employees have been submitted one year, the W3 forms will have to be submitted the following January. This deadline is applicable for both electronic and paper form submissions.

Forms cannot be downloaded as they are made with a special red ink and there can be a penalty for those who don’t use the official version. They can, however, be uploaded to a form filling website and neatly filled in online before being either sent or printed out.

Once filled in, the forms will need to be sent to the SSA with Copy A of the W-2 forms for every employee. If you have filed the W-2 form electronically, you won’t have to total up the W-2 information and send in the W3 form.

Some of the details which will need to be filled in include:
  • Information about the company
  • The kind of employer
  • The type of payer
  • The establishment number
  • The various totals from the W-2 form
  • Contact information

How to Complete the IRS W3 Form

The W3 form has more than 20 sections needing information and they cover everything from basic employer and employee information, to sick leave, dependent information and all types of compensation received in the past year. The form that you will need to fill out is red and referred to as Copy A. You’ll need the official printed version.

Converting the W3 form into a digital format is without a doubt one of the best ways to save time and fly through the process, especially if you have a large number of employees. Filling the form in online also means that it will be neater, and easy to read, while any mistakes can be quickly rectified.

When you have the form in front of you, you’ll notice that it is actually quite a small form, despite the amount of information you’ll be submitting. Again, if you don’t use the official printed version, you can incur penalties.

The W3 form is easy to fill in when you use our online PDF converter. This way you can quickly and neatly have the relevant forms completed well before the tax season comes to an end.

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